Polycarbonate boards / Lexan boards

Polycarbonate boards or so called Lexan boards are made of transparent thermoplastic material that was first commercially used in the 1950’s. Because of its exceptional strength, optical clarity and temperature resistance, polycarbonates are most commonly used for glazing.


Polycarbonate boards have a wide application

Versatility of application makes them suitable for the production of functional and aesthetically acceptable products. The fact that polycarbonates can be shaped and tinted in a large number of colors makes them suitable for use in various industries (from automotive mirrors, various types of enclosures and canopies, cellular casings, microwave ovens, container manufacturing etc.)

Since polycarbonate boards or so called Lexan boards can be almost perfectly transparent, they are ideal for almost any type of glazing. Transparency, excellent mechanical resistance, thermal and dimensional stability make the Lexan boards one of the most widely used types of thermoplastic materials.


Polycarbonate boards have excellent basic properties

  • high firmness makes them resistant to mechanical damage and breakage
  • high thermal resistance makes them ideal for use in places with high temperatures
  • excellent dimensional stability allows the retaining of forms in different application conditions
  • excellent electro-isolation
  • biological inertness which provides easy recycling
  • simple Lexan processing
  • transparency and optical clarity
  • due to the flame resistance, Lexan is great in case of fire


Polycarbonates have a wide application

  • production of electrical and electronic components
  • production of optical media (CD and DVD)
  • design of plastic material for glazing
  • packaging and other purposes
  • unbreakable and safety Lexan glass
  • light domes, tapes and polycarbonate boards for eaves
  • car industry
  • vertical glazing
  • sound barriers


Because of the diverse properties of the Lexan boards, they are suitable for a variety of applications, from the production of non-bulky glasses to the production of magnetic media. The main advantage of polycarbonates, compared to other types of plastic, is high strength combined with low weight. Polycarbonates are almost inconceivable (unbreakable windows on bank counters are often made of polycarbonate).

In the process of producing polycarbonate boards or Lexan boards harmful gases are extremely low. The production is carried out in closed processes (in the production process, the material is transported from one sealed container to another) and it is strictly taken care of the removal of all harmful emissions. At the end of its lifespan, polycarbonate boards can be recycled or disposed of in a safe manner without harmful environmental impacts.


Sale of polycarbonate

The company of Tg Art d.o.o. offers in his assortment homogeneous and heterogeneous polycarbonate boards. We are always available to our customers for all kinds of information, so if you are interested in prices, dimensions or discounts, please feel free to contact us or visit our office in Zagreb and Split.


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