PLEXIGLASS (Acrylic panels)

Plexiglass (or acryl) is a transparent thermoplastic material that, due to its lower weight, its cost and simplicity of handling, is a very frequent replacement for glass for certain types of applications. During 1928 the material was developed in several different laboratories, but the first time it appeared on the market was in 1933.

Plexiglass (acryl) belongs to the family of synthetic or artificial plastic materials, which contain one or more acrylic acid derivatives. The most common acryl is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), a tough, highly transparent material with excellent UV and atmospheric resistance. It is also available in different colors and can be profiled, cut, punched and shaped. These features make it an ideal material for many purposes, including windscreen manufacturing for aircraft, roof windows, rear lights for cars, and for making external signaling. One very familiar acrylic application is the Houston Astrodome ceiling, which consists of several hundred double-insulated panels made of acryl.

Acryl or PMMA is a vinyl polymer made by the polymerisation of free vinyl radicals from methyl methacrylate monomers. PMMA belongs to a group of polymers chemists call acrylates, while their generally recognized name is acryl. Acryl is a very decorative and versatile material that is used for a large number of uses, due to its transparency, high visibility and high gloss.


Basic properties of plexiglass (acryl)

  • excellent optical clarity
  • high gloss
  • small weight (double lighter than glass)
  • crack resistance double as high than glass and polystyrene
  • transmits up to 92% of visible light (3 mm thickness)
  • removes ultraviolet lights at wavelengths up to 300NM (similar as a regular window)
  • excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions, which makes it suitable for outdoor applications


Plexiglass use (acryl)

  • internal and outdoor signalization
  • light signalization and advertising
  • POS equipment
  • brackets and stands for advertising materials
  • protective covers for posters and other textual materials
  • furniture
  • picture frames
  • many other uses
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